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Valerie Dishong

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Fantasy "To retire within the next decade and spend
 the time traveling around the world with my husband."

Dream "To be a world renown corset designer."

Stage Name: Miraj

Cowboy Action Shooter Name: Miss Velvet Lace

Age 42 (at posing)

Height  5 feet, 3 inches

Weight 117 pounds

Figure Corseted 36:20:35 inches

History Corset model since 1996

Eyes Green

Hair  Blonde (wigs are used in some pictures)

Location Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Occupation Calendar model, Middle Eastern Dance instructor/performer, and corset designer

Hobbies Classical piano, historical costuming, and travel

Status Quite happily married

Dislikes "Don't get me started."


Comely Valerie Glides Through the Ages

Valerie Dishong of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has enjoyed being self-employed for over ten years. Although her bachelor’s degree is in music, she has been a professional Middle Eastern dance instructor and performer, teaching seminars as far from "home’ as Hastings, England, and performing internationally. She is the choreographer and director of THE world renowned TROUPE MIRAJ, an eclectic group of belly dancers who are as lovely as they are talented!

Valerie has always enjoyed costuming for her own singing and dance-gram business; however, after meeting her husband Thomas for the first time at a costuming convention, her whole life seemed to turn to the direction of historic and fantasy costuming (1996). It was quite simple, really: When Valerie asked her husband what he might like to see her wear, he didn’t hesitate to say that corsetry was the ideal accoutrement. Val had never even sewn a skirt hem before that time, but she attacked the corsetry project with a ferocity that was only equaled by her love of dance.

"I could never get bored with corsetry! I began with historic corsetry and gradually worked my way into designing my own patterns and styles. I enjoy designing for all occasions now, whether a Civil War Reenactment, a Medieval feast, a Renaissance wedding, a modern wedding, a Goth event, or more. And my husband is, not surprisingly, supportive! I’ve worked with everything from brocade to leather and even velvet with gossamer spider webs hand embroidered!"

For those of you who might care about such things, Valerie freely admits to being  four years older than her husband, Thomas!), At 117 pounds, and with the "contribution of corsetry," she measures
36", 22", 36" when not wearing the corset.  Her dark brown hair and her smile have earned her more "Hey, do you know that you look like Sandra Bullock?" compliments than she ever hoped to hear.



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