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Elvgren's "Waisted Effort"

John Carey Photographic Imagery
--corsetted models--2215-R Market St., Box 242, San Francisco, CA 94114

Christa Cebis--textile corset art--Blindendorfer Strasse 36, A-2630 Ternitz, Austria Tel: 02630/35349

Corbis -- -- search under "corset"

CT Productions, P.O. Box 11402, Tacoma, WA 98411

Peter DaSilva, P.O. Box 8751, Emeryville, CA 94662 Tel: (510) 658-8715

David Graham--unusual wearable art

Graphica Design, RR2 Box, Perkinsville, VT 05151 Tel: (802) 263-9444  [email protected]

Natasha Epperson -- [email protected]

Justice Howard, 3859 Lancome, Las Vegas , NV 89115

Pedro Konijn, Beatrixweg 10 Place: St. Willebrord, PO Box 4711 RW, Netherlands Tel: +31 06 -22618063   [email protected]l

Pewtiful Sculpture, 2 Weardale Close, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 7JD, UK   Tel:  01189 874 305         [email protected]
Eric Kroll Photographs
, P.O. Box 642176, San Francisco, CA 94164-2176 Tel: (415) 931-4324     [email protected]

Mary's Boudoir Photo Studio, (Rudi Franke), 8627 Log Run South Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46234 Tel: (317) 298-4803

[email protected] (Looking for models in Indianapolis area)  See for examples.

Ophelia's Art

Mark Ricketts, PO Box 1351, Kingston Upon Thames KT1 9FA United Kingdom  Tel: [44] 020 8241 6733
-- corset sculptures        SAMPLE  

Racy Art and Design, (Ray/ C. Artz) 3368 Governor Dr., Suite F-231, San Diego, CA 92122        -- High-end custom art             

Thom Roman, corset fetish photography and illustration, P.O. Box 29083, Las Vegas, NV Tel: (702) 376-8466

Bob Russell

Ted Samotowka, corset fetish photography (Ontario, Canada) Tel: (416) 760-3390 E-mail: [email protected]

Barbara Segal, 88 Alta Ave., Yonkers, NY 10705 - corset sculpturist Tel: (914) 968-1378  An example of Ms. Segal's wonderful work!

Smart Credits (Ray Leaning & Carol Milligan), 12 Newmarket Road, Brighton, BN2 3QF, UK Tel:01273 671 450    [email protected]  

Sarah Snow (UK) "I am a freelance photographer and TV, I love to help other girls get a set of pictures which won't break the bank, I can travel, within reason, or
                    accommodate. I usually charge around 30 for about 50 pictures, if you are interested, mail me at [email protected]"  

Dita Teese Playboy, et al.... model  [email protected]                     

Third Man Photography (Francesco Cavaliere), 94 Newlands Rd., Norbury, London, SW16 4SU, U.K.    --mostly photos of Pandora

Thru the Lens, P.O. Box 239, Los Altos, CA 94023-- Corset photography Tel: (415) 940-1942

Trashy Diva, (pictures) 1052 St. Charles St., Atlanta, GA (Tel: 404-872-5040) AND
                    829 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA (Tel: 504-581-4555)  ALSO:  Tel: (888) 818-DIVA
                  [email protected]

Jacqueline Urbach, -- see Part One (Zurich, Switzerland)

Jeanette Vonier, 41 Simms Street, San Rafael, CA 94903

White Rabbit Photography and Illustration (Danielle Bedics)  San Francisco    [email protected]

from K.O. Munson

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