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Tori Amos

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Celtic Women

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Liriel Domiciano - She is the beautiful (of course!) winner of a Brazilian talent show; she wears a strong, well-waisted green corset while performing. You can find out more about her here, and the Brazilian staymaker who provided her corset here.

Fauth Dance Company   Image #1   Image #2

Foursome Bond  Image

Jane is a German singer, 'Europe's premier corset temptation, bewitching everyone with her beautiful timbre and powerful performance.'  A feast for the eyes AND the ears!   Contact: bd-team +49 40 667938 –

Kimbra     Image

Leaves' Eyes (Liv Kristine)     Examples:  #1  #2  #3   See a gallery of 103 pictures of them on Last FM here, or their official homepage here.

London City Belles  Images

Love Generation     Image

Puppini Sisters   Image                   

            ...choosing vintage Vivienne Westwood dresses to wear for one of their music videos. Two of them are wearing visible corsets as part of their own outfits, and at the start of the second video, they talk
            about their liking for corsets:" 
Part One           Part Two

Rasputina (Female ensemble wearing Victorian corsets) – "folk, punk chamber music"       Image

SoHo Dolls     Image    Site

t.A.T.u.   Image

Thalia (Singer who wears long white corset)

Torture Garden (at the Paradise Club), 1-5 Parkfield Street, Angel, Islington, N1, England

The Two Sopranos    Images:  #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6  #7      MySpace page   

Virginie (Goncalves):


"I'm so pleased to get one of my Sylphe corsets worn by Virginie, featuring a new first single clip from the "Melted Space" Opera project ('All Together')
for the From the Past album."

Back lacing view at 1.35

Great voice performance at 1.58 and 2.44

...and a not-often-showing back corset view at 2.31





"Today I send you a short vidclip from a trailer of the Malente Family (a musical parody group from Germany). The clip contains some seconds of parody of Andrea Berg (famous German pop queen who often performs in leather and corset)."








Dan from Denmark (2011):

"Well, the carnival season is over again in Germany, and you know, we - on the TV-screen - had a lot of fun with the different Gardetanz groups. 

"Normally I am not interested in any of the other show dance groups, but there is one that appears on stage in nice costumes. It is called Fauth Dance Company and comes from Cologne. The special thing about this season was, they were all wearing pretty nice corsets! Not just loose bodices, but something that looks quite real with stiff boning and a solid lacing in the back.  

"Of course they don't lace tight, but it is great fun to see them dancing in their corsets!! Here I found two (enlargeable) pictures, for you to bring on your site!!"


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