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For a short time now, there has existed a quarterly magazine in the UK entitled SILHOUETTE.  We find it to be chock FULL of information, articles and advice.  And for those who are looking for some attention to the MALE side of corsetry, are certainly not neglected here!

~~~ Give it try--- you'll like it! ~~~

For those enthusiasts in the UK, CALL 01268 583761 or e-mail [email protected] (web site address

For Yanks or those paying in US dollars, 
TransLiving International, PO Box 3, Basildon, Essex SS13 3WA, England.
There is a $2 surcharge – total $10 cost including postage to North America

[email protected] for editorial input.

Body Fashion/Intimate Apparel Annual Directory, 1 East First Street, Duluth, MN 55802

"Corset Digest"--Ramgana Publications, Dept. 174, 4514 Chamblee- Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA 30338  (Defunct?)


"Fantasy Fashion Digest"--Strictly Speaking Publishing Company, P.O. Box 8006, Palm Springs, CA 92263

Germanna Press, Box 20, Lake of the Woods, Locust Grove, VA 22508 (erotic corsetry)

Harmony Communications, P.O. Box 48349, Los Angeles, CA 90048

High Places (Vintage catalogs), P.O. Box 620155, Dept. L.G., Littleton, CO 80162 Tel: (303) 973-3412

Last Gasp, San Francisco, CA Tel: (415) 824-6636

Thomas B. Lierse   -- articles on tightlace training and associated subjects

Re/Search Publications, 20 Romolo St., Suite B, San Francisco, CA 94133 Tel: (415) 362-1465

"Skin Two"--105 Charles St. #331, Boston, MA 02114

Spartacus--P.O. Box 429, Orange, CA 92666 Tel: (714) 775-0238

The Vintage Connection", 904 N. 65 St., Springfield, OR 97478-7021

Atomage International (see "Mail Order Corsets")

"Club Caprice" Magazine, Kastley, Ltd., (see "Mail Order Corsets")

"Corsetbrief" (in Dutch only--but a very nice newletter, with color!) J.C. Creations Amsterdam, Postbus 2195, 1000 CD, Amsterdam, Netherlands E-mail: [email protected]

"'O'"--TECHCOM Verlagsund Vertriebs GmbH, Gartenstrasse 115, 5600, Wuppertal 1, Germany Tel.: 0202-454392 (Printed in English)

"Ritual" [London] Tel: 071-287-2096--fetish fashions

"Silhouette" c/o TransLiving International, PO Box 3, Basildon, Essex SS13 3WA, England.
01268 583761  Fax: 01245 494957  [email protected]

"Zeitgeist", 66 Holoway Road, London N7 8JC, U.K. Tel: 071 607 1310

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