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Corsetry in Fiction


1000 Pieces of Lingerie - A History of Lingerie, Gilles Néret, Taschen Verlag --Pictorial Excerpt

2000 Years of Fashion, Boucher/Deladres, H.N. Abrams

Adorned In Dreams, Elizabeth Wilson, Virago Press, 1985 [London] --Excerpt

American Victorian Costume in Early Photographs, Pricilla Dalrymple, Dover, 1991 [Mineola, NY]

Anbetung des Korsetts (Adoration of the Corset), -German-  graphics by Bele Bachem, relating to some lyrics of  Wolfgang Ebert, Fackelträger-Verlag Schmidt-Küster, 1961  ISBN  B0000BG1D1    Pictorial cover


And All was Revealed, Ladies' Underwear 1907-1980, Doreen Caldwell, 1981 [New York]

The Art of Dress and Society 1500-1914
, Jane Ashelford, Abrams & Co., 1996 [New York] 

The Art of English Costume
, C. Willet & Phillis Cunnington


The Basics of Corset Building:A Handbook for Beginners, Linda Sparks, Eagle Press, 2005  

The Best Of Bizarre, (A history of John Willie’s "Bizarre" Magazine), Glittering Images, 1989


Beauty Parade, (photography) Eric Kroll, Taschen America [NYC]


Boobs, Boys and High Heels: How to get dressed in just under six hours, Dianne Brill
Vermilion, 1992 [UK]
-- Excerpt


Body Packaging, Julian Robinson, MacMillam Press, 1988 [Australia]


Bound to Please: A History of the Victorian Corset, Leigh Summers, Berg Publishers (NYU Press), 2001 [New York


Bras, Rosemary Hawthorne, Souvenir Press, 1992


A Brief History of Unmentionables, (Video) Available from the A&E site


Century: Body Beautiful, (Video) Reader's Digest, 1998   Still Clip 1     Still Clip 2

A Century of Lingerie, Revealing the Secrets and Allure of 20th Century Lingerie, Bresler, Newman and
Proctor, Eagle Editions, 1997


The Changing Form of Fashion, Madge Garland, 1970


Chastity in Focus, Quartet Books, Ltd.

Christian Dior
, Diana DeMarly, Holmes & Meier, 1990 [New York]

Christian Dior, Marie France Pochna, Aracade Publishing, 1996 [New York]


Christian Dior, Richard Martin & Harold Koda, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1996 [New York]


Christian Dior & I, Christian Dior, Dover Publications, 1957 [NYC]


The Collection Vollers Corsets,  Alwyn R. Coates (Photographer) Yellowhead , 2003


A Concise History of Fashion, James Laver, Harry Abrams, Inc., 1979 [NYC] 


Corset, Hubert Barrere and Charles-Arthur Boyer     Cover


Le Corset, Louis Barthou, 1933  (Limited edition - only 800 published)


Le Corset, Ludovic O'Followell (1905-1908)  Author was doctor who hoped to make clear the detrimental effects the then-current corset designs had on women's health.  To that end, he took X-ray images of women in their binding underthings, 1908.    Image sample   #2    Cover

Jamie1945:  "I feel forced to comment on the first X-ray image relating to this item.  It was pointed out to me in the past by a tightlacing lady-friend that the corset-laces are loose.
Look at the top eyelets on the first X-ray.  If the writer had intended to show the effects of tightlacing, then he failed. This is loose-lacing!"


The Corset, Lewis Warsh, Small Press Distribution, 1986


The Corset, Benedict Zilliacus, Oy Sjoblom Ab Finland & Ab Corset Industry, 1963 [Sweden]


The Corset and the Crinoline ("Freaks of Fashion"), William-Berry Lord, Theater Arts Books [NYC]


The Corset: A Cultural History, Valerie Steele, Yale University Press, 2001  [New Haven, CT and London]      Cover  Sample Image    BUY IT    Media review

     Ms. Steele also produced what resembles a quick digest of this book a chapter in the book The Ideal Woman, and this essay on corsets with illustrations can be previewed on Google Books here.

Le Corset a travers les ages
, Ernest Leoty, 1893 [Paris]


Corset Couture,  (paper dolls) - Cover


Le Corset dans l'art et les moeurs du XIIIe au XXe siècle, Fernand Libron and Henri Cluzot (edited in Paris 1933)
A reader: "Available at the bookstore at rue d'Alesia (Paris) in the 14e. It cost around 2000 FRF and is 28 x 38 cm and 200 pages text and wonderful art."

The Corseted Skeleton, Rebecca Gibson    Overview & Purchase      Extensive preview pages


Corset Figure Training or Art of the Handmaid of Nature, 1871


Le Corset. Histoire, medicine, hygiene, O'Followell, 1905


The Corset, Questions of Pressure and Displacement, by Robert Latou Dickinson, 1887  


Corset Magic, Ann Grogan, 2003    Review on YouTube


Corsetry 101 (videotape), Oranj Productions [San Francisco]


Corsets and Crinolines, Norah Waugh, B.T. Batsford, 1954 [London] Paperback reprinting: Routledge/Theater Arts Books, 1991 [NYC]  --  A/K/A "Freaks of Fashion"

Corsets, Collars and Chains
John Francis Trelawny, 1968     Excerpts


Corsets: Historical Patterns and Techniques, by Jill Salen, Batsford (UK) Quite Specific Media (USA), 2008   More Information   


Corsets: A Modern Guide,Velda Lauder, 2011         COVER


Corsets: A Visual History, R.L. Shep, 1993 [Mendocino, CA]    

Corset: Tightlacing, History of corsets, Bondage corset, Neck corset, Waist cincher, Corset controversy, Torsolette, Corsetmaker, Bone (corsetry), Wasp waist, Garter (stockings), Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome, and John McBrewster (Editors)      


Corset Waist Traning: A Primer on Easy, Fun and Fashionable Waistline Reduction, Ann Grogan, (eBook) 2016         Book Cover      Available here


Costume, James Laver, 1963 [London]


Costume and Fashion (a/k/a A Concise History of Costume), James Laver, Thames & London, 1994 [London]


Costume in Detail: Women's Dress 1730--1930, Nancy Bradfield, Plays Inc. [Boston]


Costume in England, F.W. Fairholt, 1896


Costume Reference Series, Batesford Press [London]


Costume Throughout the Ages, Mary Evans, 1950

Custom-made to Ready-made: Women's Clothing in the Eaton's Catalogue, 1884 to 1930, Christina Bates

The Cut of Women's Clothes, Nora Waugh, 1964 [London]


Decades of Beauty, Kater Mulvey & Melissa Richards, Hamlyn

Delinquents and Debutantes: Twentieth-Century American Girls' Cultures,
edited by Sherrie A Inness         Excerpt, regarding the fashionable S-shape posture


Curvology, The Origins and Power of the Female Shape, 2015          Amusingly critical article on it in the Washington Post.


Dessous, Gilles Nerét


Dessous, Ein Jahrhundert Waschekult (Lingerie, A Century of Lingerie Worship)                             Pictures therein:  #1   #2   #3  #4  #5  #6 #7 #8
Farid Chenoune,  Knesebeck Verlag, 1999? [Germany]

Les dessus et les dessous de la bourgoisie, Phillippe Perrot, 1981 [Paris]


Dictionary of English Costume, C. Willet & Phillis Cunnington, 1960 [London]

Different Loving, Gloria G. Brame et al..., Random House (Villard), 1996 [NYC]   LINK


Dress, James Laver, 1966 [London]

Dress and Morality, Aileen Ribeiro, 1986 [London]


Dress and Undress, a History of Women's Underwear, Elizabeth Ewing, B.T. Batsford, 1978 [London]


Dress and Undress, The Restoration and Eighteenth century, Iris Brooks, 1958 [London]


Dressed for the Photographer: Ordinary Americans and Fashion (1840-1900), Joan Severa, Kent State University press, 1995


Englishwomen's Clothing in the Nineteenth Century, C. Willet & Phillis Cunnington


Experimental Corsets: Inspiration and techniques for wearable and sculptural garments, Val Holmes

Extreme Beauty: The Body Transformed, Harold Koda, Yale University Press, 2001 [New Haven, CT]

The English Gentlewoman, anonymous, 1845


Everyday Dress 1650-1900, Elizabeth Ewing, B.T. Batsford, 1997 reprint [London]        Pictorial excerpt


Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th Century, by Akiki Fukai, Tamami Suoh, Miki Iwagami, Reiko Koga, Rie Nii, Kyoto Costume Institute  Pictorial excerpt


The Fashion Historian, Martha McCain Pictorial excerpt

Fashion in the Western World, by Doreen Yarwood


Fashions in Underwear, Elizabeth Ewing, 1981

The Fashionable Lady in the 19th Century, Victoria and Albert Museum [London]


Fashion and Eroticism, Valerie Steele, Oxford University Press, 1985 [NYC, Oxford, Melbourne]


Fashion and Fetishism, David Kunzle, Rowman & Littlefield, 1980, 2004 [Totowa, NJ]   
Fashion and Fetishism: a Social History of the Corset, Tight-Lacing and Other Forms of Body-Sculpture in the West


Fashion: Changing Shape of Fashion Through the Ages, Jane Dorner, 1974 [London]   


Fashioning the Bourgeoisie - A History of Clothing in the Nineteenth Century, Philippe Perrot,
Princeton University Press, 1994 [Princeton, NJ]


Fashion in Underwear, Elizabeth Ewing, B.T. Batsford, 1971 [London]


Fashion Revivals from the Elizabethan Age to the Present Day, Barbara Burman Baines, 1981 [London] 

Feminine Attitudes in the Nineteenth Century, C. Willet & Phillis Cunnington


Feminine Fig-leaves, C. Willet & Phillis Cunnington

The Feminine Ideal, Marianne Thesander, Reaktion Books, 1997


Femininity, Susan Brownmiller, Simon & Shuster, 1984 [NYC]


Fetish Fashion - Undressing the Corset, Larry Utley & Autumn Carey-Adamme (intro), 2002, Green Candy Press            COVER     


Fetish, Fashion, Sex and Power, Valerie Steele, Oxford University Press, 1996 [New York]  

Fifty Years of Fashion, Valerie Steele, Yale University Press [New Haven, CT] 

Figure Training, or Art of the Handmaiden, , 2015-originally published 1870       COVER  Image ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London           RELEVANT PAGE


Figure Training Fundamentals, Versatile Productions [Orange, CA]  


Foundations of Fashion: The Symington Collection -- Corsetry from 1856 to the Present Day, Christopher Page, Leicestershire Museums, 1981 
(see "Museums and Antiquities" Pictorial excerpts


The Freaks of Fashion, (A/K/A "Corsets and Crinolines") Rare Book Club      Nice description        Full text here


From the Ballroom to Hell: Grace and Folly in Nineteenth-Century Dance, Elizabeth Aldrich, 1991 


From Busk to Bra: A Survey of Women's Corsetry, Rosemary Hawthorne & Mary Want, 1987


The Future Out of the Past, Arthur Pierce, The Warner Brothers Company, 1963 [Bridgeport, CT]


The Girl of the Period, Lynn Linton, 1866-1867


The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957, Claire Wilcox, 2009 

Gothic and Lolita, Masayuki Yoshinaga and Katsuhiko Ishikawa


The Great Book of Lingerie, Cécil Saint-Laurent, Vendome Press, 1986


The Habits of Good Society, anonymous, 1855


Handbook of English Costume in the Nineteenth Century, C. Willet & Phillis Cunnington


Harpers Bazaar-1867-1898, Stella Blum, Dover Publications, 1974 [NYC]


Historic Costume, K. Lester, 1925


Historical Fashion in Detail: The 17th and 18th Centuries, by Avril Hart, Susan North, and Richard Davis


History of Corsets, M.D.C. Crawford & E. Gurnsey


The History of Corsets in Pictures, M.D.C. Crawford & Elizabeth A. Guernsey, 1951 [New York]


History of Costume, Karl Köhler, Dover Publications, 1965 {New York]


History of Costume, Blanche Payne, 1965   


A History of Fashion, J. Anderson Black et al...., Orbus Publishing [London]    


The History of Fashion, Augustin Challamel, 1882


The History of Lingerie, M.D.C. Crawford & E.G. Crawford, Fairchild, 1952 [New York]


The History of Lingerie, Heidi Parker


History of Underclothes, C. Willet & Phillis Cunnington, Faber & Faber [London], 1951, rev. 1981 -     Paperback reprinting: Dover [Mineola, NY], 1992 

A History of Women's Bodies, Edward Shorter, Basic Books,1982 [NYC]

A History of Woman’s Underwear, Cecel Saint Laurent, Academy Editions, 1986 [London]


An Hourglass on the Run, Allan Jobson, 1957


The House of Worth. Portrait of an Archive, De La Haye, A./Mendes, V. D.,  London 2014

Michael M.:  'The book, with its 176 pages, contains a huge bulk of excellent photographs of gowns designed by the House, founded by the most famous designer of the era: Charles Frederic Worth; the pictures are from the Worth Archive. The House began to systematically photograph its output from around 1889 onward. There are no photos of corsets in the book and only a short text about corsetry (page 79), but many photos of the most beautiful gowns with remarkably small waists. Beside the photos, there are many very interesting facts and information about tailoring, gowns, styles, etc. In short: a book no one interested in women's clothing of the late 19th century should miss!"


Hovets dräkter  ("Court Costumes"), Edited by Tony Lewenhaupt, Lena Rangström, Angela Rundquis; Bra Böcker/Wiken, 1994   Pictorial and text excerpts


How To Be a Victorian, Ruth Goodman, Penguin (UK)    Ruth Goodman, who is an historian and re-enactor and was one of the participants in the BBC TV series “The Victorian Farm”, “The Edwardian Farm” and “The Victorian Pharmacy”, is the author of this book, which looks at everyday life in the period.  It is based partly on historical records and partly on her own re-enactment experiences, and has several pages on the subject of corsets.

An Illustrated History of Fashion, Alice Mackrell, Costume & Fashion Press, an imprint of Quite Specific Media Group, Ltd., 1997 [NYC]   Illustration from book, "An Irresistible Arming for Conquest."  LINK


An Illustrated History of Underwear


The Imperial Style: Fashions of the Hapsburg Era (Based on the exhibition, 'Fashions of the Hapsburg Era, Austria-Hungary', at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, December 1979-August 1980
Editors: Polly Cone, Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)  Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1980         Excerpt


In Fashion—Dress in the Twentieth Century, Prudence Glynn, 1978


In Our Own Fashion, R. & W.H. Symington Company, Harley Publishing Co., 1956 [London]


Inside Out - A Brief History of Underwear, Shelley Tobin et al..., Trafalgar Square Press


It's A Cinch!: Corsets Keep These Men Under Their Wives' Control, Emily Masters
What better way is there for a woman to control her husband than to make him wear a corset? The wives in these stories about corset discipline know that a tightly laced waist is perfect for putting a man in his place, imposing their will with the most unforgiving of foundation garments. Whether training him to do as he's told or simply having some fun with feminization, they're sure to get their way when they've got their husbands helpless in corsetry.


Ladies Underwear 1907-1980, Doreen Caldwell


The Lady of Godey's: Sarah Josepha Hale, Ruth Finley, 1931

The Lady's Stratagem - A Repository of 1820s Directions for the Toilet, Mantua-Making, Stay-Making, Millinery & Etiquette, Edited, translated, and with additional material by Frances Grimble, LaVolta Press, 2008

The Last Courts of Europe,A Royal Family Album 1860-1914, Picture research and descriptions by Jeffrey Flintstone, The Vendome Press 1981.


Lingerie – A History And Celebration Of Silks, Satins, Laces, Linens, and Other Bare Essentials, Catherine Bardey, 2001   Adaptation   


Lingerie, A Lexicon of Style by Catherine Cox   Adaptation


Lingerie in Vogue, Christine Probert, Thames and Hudson, 1981 [London]


The Literature of Fashion, James Laver, 1947 [London]


The Little Corset Book: A Workbook on Period Underwear, Bonnie Holt Ambrose, Drama Publishers, 1997 [Houston, TX]


Le mannequin, Léon Rioter, 1900 [France]  'La couturiere et son buste'      Illustration from book:  'La couturiere et son buste'    Illustration: 'Moulace sur nature'   Source for purchase of book  
Web publication


A Manual of Costume as Illustrated by Monumental Brasses, H. Druitt, 1906 [London]


The Mode in Costume, R. Turner Wilcox, Charles Scribner’s Sons [NYC & London]   

Modesty in Dress, James Laver, 1969


1950s Look, Mike Brown, 2008  


Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail, by Lucy Johnston


Nus D'Autrefois (19th century erotic photographs), forward by François Saint-Julien, 1953    Sample 


The Perfect Lady, C. Willet & Phillis Cunnington, 1948     Contains 16 color photographs woman in classic dress.  Sample 


Les Petite Dames de Mode (The Little Ladies of Fashion), (videotape) 87 minute history of John Burbidge's delightful miniature ladies of the era 1850 to 1914-- formerly available through the now defunct "Ladies Gallery" Magazine. Click here for description and further information


The Physician and Sexuality in Victorian America, John S. Haller, 1977 [New York]


PinUPs 2, by Andrew Blake, featuring Dita (available at video stores) -- lacing scene and magnificent hip spring!


Polaire Par Elle-méme (Polaire by Herself), c1930s


Polaire - La demoiselle à la rose rouge (une amie de Colette), 1874-1939, Françoise Giraudet   Press release and ordering information (in French)

A Provocative Look at Intimate Apparel, Melanie Talkington --The book displays large, full color images of antique corsets and lingerie from the Victorian era through to the 1960's; including detailed descriptions of the corsets and lingerie, with dates, sizes and historical references. Titillating translations of French erotica compliment the provocative vintage and modern images of ladies in lingerie.        COVER

The Regime of the Stay-Lace, edited by Peter Farrer, Karn Publications [Garston, UK) see


Shadows of the Puppet,Mediha F. Saliba, Santa Barbara Review Publications, 1996            Excerpt


Sexual Life in England, Past and Present, Ivan Bloch c1910       Excerpts and image


Skin to Skin (Eroticism in Dress), Prudence Glynn, New York University Press, 1982  [NYC]


A Small History of Undergarments


So Laced, Lucy Williams          COVER

Stays and Gloves, Lord Kidrodstock, 1919 - "Figure Training and Deportment by Means of Tight Corsets, Narrow High-heeled Boots,  Combinations, etc., etc."  Illustration  Web publication


Solaced,101 Uplifting Narratives About Corsets, Well-Being, and Hope, Lucy Williams  $5 on Amazon

The Spencer Corset Guide


The Story of Fashion (videotape), Emporium Videotape Library, RM Arts (216) 871-4479


The Strouse, Adler Story, Strouse Adler Company, 1962 [New Haven, CT]


Style and Splendour: The Wardrobe of Queen Maud of Norway 1896-1938, Susan North and Anne Kjellberg


Support and Seduction: A History of Corsets and Bras, Beatrice Fontanel, Abrams, 1997 [New York]  


Survival of the Prettiest : The Science of Beauty,    Nancy Ectoff, Doubleday, 1999 [New York]


Taste and Fashion, James Laver, 1945 [London]


Tight Lacing -- A Bibliography of Articles and Letters Concerning Stays and Corsets for Men and  Women,   Peter Farrer, Karn Publications Garston, 1999 [Liverpool]   


Twentieth Century Fashion, John Peacock, Thames & Hudson, 1993 [London]


The Undies Book, Nanette Rothacherm 1976


The Undercover Story, Fashion Institute of Technology, 1982 [New York] DESCRIPTION


Underwear: Beneath Historic Fashions, Sally Queen, Texas Tech University Press, Wall edition,  2002
Collection of calendars

Underwear-The Fashion History
, Alison Carter, B.T. Batsford [London]  


Underwear: Fashion in Detail, Eleri Lynn & Richard Davis, Victoria and Albert Museum, 2011 [London]   Cover   Buy


The Unmentionable History of the West, Nancy Millar      Cover     Buy


Unmentionables: A Brief History (videotape), The A&E special aired in January, 1999 (100 minutes). 
Visit the A&E site and go to the A&E Store--look for the title.


The Unfashionable Human Body, Bernard Rudofshy, Doubleday, 1971 [New York]


Unmentionables--A Brief History of Underwear, Elaine Benson and John Esten, Simon & Shuster, 1996


Unmentionables--The History of Lingerie, C. Pallochet


Underwear: Fashion in Detail, Eleri Lynn, 2010   Cover   


Victorian and Edwardian Fashion, Alison Gemshein, Dover, 1981 [Mineola, NY]  

Victorian and Edwardian Fashions for Women 1840-1919, Kristina Harris, Schiffer Books [Atglen, PA] 

Victorian Costume and Costume Accessories, Anne Buck, Dover, 1984 [Mineola, NY]  


Victorian Fashion and Costume from Harper's Bazar 1867-1898, Stella Blum, Dover [Mineola, NY]


Victorian Fashions, Carol Belanger Grafton, Dover, 1999 [Mineola, NY]   Illustration 


Victorian Passion - A series of videos from The Creative Arts Collection Click here for a scan of the cover page of their leaflet. 

Contact: CAC, PO Box 1317, L-1013 Luxemburg


A Victorian Scrapbook - Stephen Carter 


The Victorian Scrapbook, compiled by Robert Opie, [London]  PICTORIAL EXCERPT       YET ANOTHER

Victorian Secrets: What A Corset Taught Me About the Past, the Present, and Myself, Sarah A., Chrisman, 2013   

La Vie Parisienne--Operetta in French (Videoby Public Media?Home Vision #PAR-120 in VHS)


Vollers Corset Book

Waisted Curves - My Transformation Into a Victorian Lady, Sarah Chrisman          Publisher site    An interview is here    Review    Excerpted pictures:   #1   #2

Waisted Efforts: An Illustrated Guide to Corset Making
, Robert Doyle, Sartorial Press, 1998 [Halifax, Canada]                  COVER     


Waist Training: Corset Training with Tight-Lacing Corsets to Trim Your Waist and Cinchers to Cinch the Inches,Kim Fox       

Whalebone to See-Through--A History of Body Packaging
, Michael Colmer, A.S. Barnes, 1979 [Cranbury, NJ]  [Also published later by Johnston & Bacon]


Why Women Wear Clothes, C. Willet & Phillis Cunnington 


The Wonderful World of Ladies Fashion, Joseph J. Schroeder, Jr., 1971


Who Wore What?, Juanita Leisch, Thomas Publications, 1995 [Gettysbury, PA]—Civil War era


Women, An Anthology, C. Willet & Phillis Cunnington


Women's Fashions of the Early 1900s: An Unabridged Republication of "New York Fashions, 1909 (Women's Fashions of the Early 1900s)", National Cloak & Suit Co.        Illustration   Purchase book


[Untitled tape featuring three girls modeling girdles and vintage corsets], The Agency of Light, (Bill Pratt), 8, 531 Sixth St., South, Lethbridge,
Alberta, Canada T1J 2E1        [email protected]


Take a Walk at The Wild Side

This is a new book of fetish photography from various photographers. Alexander Horne of  is also featured. Alex has a review and some other pictures available on one of his sites. This picture of Dita is on the European cover."


An exhaustive bibliography!


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