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Éducation Anglaise ("English Education")

This tells the story of a boy 'transformed' into a girl in a harsh girl's boarding school (extreme corset-related B&D)

Warning:  The introduction is archaically insulting to the English,
 but we offer it in the cause of historical completeness

Translated from the French  PDF file



Stephen K:

A “time swap” story in which a modern woman finds herself in the mid-1880s.
Illustrated with a period fashion engraving of these two elaborately dressed,
huge-bustled, tiny-waisted belles.



Charles S.:

"I’ve come across a series of novels by a writer called Jennifer Jane Pope, about the adventures of 'Teena Thyme: erotic time traveller' which look
like they may be of interest for their references to historical clothing and tight-lacing – however they are ‘adult’ in nature and won’t suit everybody.


"I found a complete free-to-view on-line copy of the first book, 'Teena Thyme'. In the opening scenes the story switches backwards and forwards
between 1975 and 1839. In 1975, 18-year-old Teena Thyme has inherited a cottage from a great-great-great aunt who was born in 1871.

"In the attic she finds a collection of well-preserved Victorian clothes, which she decides to try on. Naturally this involves lacing herself into a corset,
which she keeps struggling with until it is fully closed. In 1839, Teena’s ancestor Angelina Thyme is being held captive by the  evil Sir Gregory Hacklebury,
who is trying to force Angelina to marry him so he can get his hands on her inheritance. After being whipped  by Sir Gregory for refusing his advances,
Angelina is forcibly tight-laced by two female servants and then dressed in fashionable but restrictive clothing to hinder her from escaping. Back in 1975,
 after Teena has managed to close the corset and dress herself in a complete Victorian outfit, she puts on a locket engraved with the initials 'A.T.' (which
once belonged to Angelina) and is suddenly transported into Angelina’s body in 1839. In an effort to break Angelina’s spirit Sir Gregory continues to mistreat
her. When Teena eventually returns to 1975 she finds that her experiences at the hands of Sir Gregory have given her a liking for corsets and bondage.


"There are two sequels: 'Thyme II Thyme' and 'Teena – a House of Ill Repute) which continue Teena’s adventures in 1975 and 1839, but I haven’t found
any on-line versions of these."

Ted G.:  The other two books are on the same web site, plus some others.


Also: An 1896 fictional story involving tight lacing

Solicitudes: A Domestic Science Story for Young Matrons

"I’ve put all the relevant details (extracts) at the start of the document."


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