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Here is an interesting 2006 master thesis by Katherine Marie Klingerman (Louisiana State University):

Binding Femininity: An Examination of the Effects on Tightlacing on the Female Pelvis

  Editor's comment: 
   Excerpt - "The repression of the female sex drive was paramount for the perpetuation of a moral society in Victorian England."

   Wouldn't it be ironic that the very item (corset) meant to repress sexuality actually produced the opposite, by the forcing of the blood into the groin area and thus stimulating the wearer, as has been theorized by some authorities!

  Barbara from Elegant Lacing
"There is from page 68, entitled 'Appendix A: Traditions and Fetishes: The Corset Today' which includes a short passage regarding Cathy Jung and includes several familiar  x-rays of her body.  However, I am sure there is an error
  which I feel I must point out: on page 68 it is quoted that Ms. Jung’s waist measures 11 inches in circumference,   whereas we all know that it is stated in the Guinness Book of Records 2008 that Ms Jung's waist measures 15 inches. I
  think this small matter should be made clear so that any   unenlightened people in the Corset Community (though a small number I expect them to be) do not get the wrong information when they read the document." 

Bernard B. points out this extremely interesting paper:

Extreme fashion: Pushing the boundaries of design, technology and business
Structure, constraint and sexual provocation

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